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Adior Group is a holding which was set up in 1992 and has distinguished itself as a company of audio tape production, import-export, musical production, records house, impresario, management in constructions and constructions.
Due to the fact that it has both national and foreign capital, Adior Group distinguishes itself also by a continuous action to improve quality. The company focuses its efforts on innovation, improvement and it is receptive to the changes of style of both consumers and business partners.
The company started its activity as audio tape producer and, in the course of time, it extended its range of operation to raw materials import, stationery and office automation import, as well as performing printing operations.

In the year 2002, Adior becomes a record company and impresario firm which distinguishes itself on the Romanian market by promoting and rendering impresario activity to young artists from both Romania – and who aim to leave their mark and change something in the Romanian music, already supersaturated by "anti-talents" – and abroad.
By promoting styles which are less fashionable in Romania, at that time, it succeeded to introduce, in the Romanian music, elements which are new to Romania.
In the future, Adior record company binds itself to launch new young talents, at high standards.

From the autumn of the year 2005, our company launched on the Romanian car market as distributor of rotary blowers for cars. We commercialize and refurbish all types of rotary blowers made by the most renowned companies on the global market (HOLSET- England, BorgWarner Turbo Systems, K-turbolader Germany and Schwitzer - England) and we charge very competitive prices.
Starting with he month of January 2007, Adior Group has a new scope that is importing wines and it represents the Italian company CALDIROLA on Romanian territory. (For further information please link to our website www.adior-vinuri.ro)
Caldirola is a solid and dynamic company which holds 70% of the total wine production in Italy, a country which ranks first in the world in the wine field and which distinguishes itself by a continuous improvement of quality. (For further information please link to the website www.caldirola.it).

Starting with February 2011, we opened Adior Café Lounge, a pleasant and elegant place, ideal for a business meeting or a romantic evening where you will receive the highest quality products and the services that you deserve.


Our newest project for 2012 is the creation of a tourism company, www.adiortour.ro

ADIOR TOUR is a fresh tourism brand that entered the Romanian market.
The company attracts new customers for its high quality services, for all level demands. Our goal is to create the most ingenious proposals for clients, whether for individuals or corporates.

 ADIOR TOUR aims to provide travel services and events to enhance the high quality of our customer’s life and travel experience (for both individuals or corporate).
We aim to understand and anticipate the real needs and desires of our both our clients and partners, to meet them in the best way possible.
ADIOR Tour brings to the market unique packages, both in content and quality, to offer customers the opportunity to enjoy our special offers.
The policies that our agency is based on: we focus on our customers, in order to identify their needs; we have the ability to provide optimal solutions in terms of efficiency and; at the end but not last, keeping our promises and making our customers happy during the whole process.




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